Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Colah Colah Holds A Steady Meady‏

Reggae artist Colah Colah has chosen to walk a cultural path and has no regrets in doing so. The Rastafarian deejay who has been honing his skills since his high school days, made his recording debut in 1993 with a song titled I and Jah. Since those early days Colah Colah has recorded and released a number of singles, he has also released three albums.

“I have come a long way in the music business and I have learnt a lot while working to make my name. I have recorded numerous singles that have done well all over the world and I have also done three albums. Everywhere I go the people love my music because it has a positive and uplifting vibe,” said Colah Colah. Colah Colah’s most popular single to date is a song called Steady Meady, this song has enjoyed much popularity abroad. As a result of the its success Colah has done several shows abroad in countries such as Trinidad, Amsterdam and Germany.

“Steady Meady is a tune that t blow up in the reggae markets overseas. It has opened up a lot of doors for me; to date it is my biggest hit so far.” Colah Colah recently released the music video for his latest single titled Survival; it is currently in the number 6 position on Suzie Q’s popular music video countdown show called the Video Alley, which is aired on Television Jamaica.
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