Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hezron Sings About "Those Days"

Hit making reggae singer Hezron recently released a brand new single titled Those Days. The song was produced and released by Wattage Music on their hot new one drop rhythm called Sticky. In a recent interview Hezron explained that his new single takes a look at the good old days when things were different in Jamaica not just musically but in almost every possible way of life.

“I feel very good about this song, I think a lot of people are going to love it. It tells a story about the good old days in Jamaica when things were different, when people could go out and party without fear and peace, love and respect was the order of the day.

You know, those good old days when people use to live good in JA. I truly believe that we have to get back that kind of one love vibe for us to move forward as a people and a nation, that’s why I recorded Those Days,” said the artist.

Hezron is confident that Those Days will do very well both locally and overseas.
“I know that this song is going to do well, it’s the kind of song that every Jamaican at home or abroad can relate to. I’m sure that it will connect with not only Jamaicans but possibly the millions of people around the world who love our country.”

To date Hezron has scored a number of chart topping singles including Can’t Come Between, Forever & Always, All Woman, Two Places and So In Love.
His ability to craft and sing timeless hits has earned him the respect of numerous reggae music industry insiders and fans worldwide who view him as one of the best contemporary reggae singers.
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