Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Antonio Plans to Promote Sophomore Album in Jamaica

UK based Reggae singer Antonio is looking forward to the completion of his sophomore album. The album which is tentatively titled So Amazing is slated to be released in June and will feature a mixture of lovers rock, reggae and dancehall songs. Featured on the album are popular dancehall artist Kip Rich and UK based producer/artist Zemriel.

“Right now I am working on my second album, my production team and I are giving it the first class treatment, we want it to be special. We want to give the fans and the potential fans something that they will cherish forever,” said the artist whose real name is Maurice Silvera.

Antonio who is originally from Portland intends to make a serious dent on the local music scene with the release of the album. For many years it has long been his desire to make a name for himself on the local market, but he was not able to do so because of reasons beyond his control.

“I have always wanted to make an impact back home with my music, but due to contractual obligations I was never able to promote my music in Jamaica, but now that I am totally in charge of my career I am definitely targeting the Jamaican market.”

Before the release of the album Antonio plans to release a few singles locally.
“I am getting ready to drop a few singles in Jamaica, a few weeks from now. I am also going to launch a full scale promotional campaign locally, my publicist Ralston Barrett will be in charge of all aspects of this campaign. I intend to become a household name in the reggae music industry both at home and abroad, therefore I putting in all the work and making the right connections to make it happen.”

There are also several other projects in the pipeline for Antonio including an EP that will feature tracks with him and another Portland native Shocking Murray who is based in Switzerland. Antonio’s debut album titled So Many Signs was released in 2000 by Jet Star records in England. Before that he recorded and released numerous singles in Europe for the German based Sun Vibe label.
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