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Richie Loop Turning Up The Airwaves

Jamaica Star: Entertainer Richie Loop has dropped a new single that has been burning up the airwaves in a number of locations across the globe. Called 'Turn It Up', the single, released in mid-August on all digital media platforms, is on the TimeCode Records/Avalanche INC/VPAL Records label.

The song that sounds remarkably similar to Richie Loop's hit My Cupp has been in heavy rotation on radio stations in Japan, Costa Rica, Zambia, Uganda, and Kenya, as well as a number of local and regional stations.

The international entertainer, born Richard Webb, believes the song is catching on because of the vibe it delivers. "It's the energy that flows through me that goes into my music," he said. "I love to make people happy and if doing so means singing party songs, then why not? There is too much stress in the world right now and my songs take your mind away from that stress and lighten up the day."  

He admits that the likeness in sound to his previous hit was very deliberate. Richie Loop's My Cupp was released in 2009 and was a success for the entertainer and Scikron/Big Yard Entertainment. Richie explains that it was the current label's idea to make the song similar. "When I linked up with Avalanche Sound Inc, they were telling me I needed to find something similar to My Cupp so people can recognise the voice," he said. "At the time I had a beat called 'Ready Riddim' because I was doing a song called Ready with my friend Taff on the beat." 

He said he sent the beat to Avalanche who said the beat was 'sick' and that he should find something to put on it. "So said, so done. I started putting voice to it. I voiced the chorus and that's how it came about," the entertainer said. "Turn It Up" can be previewed now on YouTube and requested by your local DJ!
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Wayne Wonder and Alva Team Up for “Hour Glass”

Hit machine record label Nature's Way Entertainment has released the exciting collaborative single Hour Glass by Grammy nominated singer Wayne Wonder and new singing sensation Alva.

Hour Glass which is now available on ITunes is distributed by VP Records and Nature's Way Entertainment. In a release to the media, Garfield Cowan CEO of Nature's Way Entertainment outlined how the collaboration came about.

'The concept was put together from things happening all around the world, where people were losing their lives because of violence. Hour Glass is a synergy of two great vocals expressing a gripping tale of urban life. They have forged a completely new sound with lyrics that the world can relate to', Cowan noted.  

Wonder and Cowan came up with the idea for the song. The recording is also featured on the various artistes compilation Reggae Jammin 3 from Tad's Records. The video for Hour Glass is to be released shortly. Rising singer Alva who is featured on Hour Glass is fine tuning the finishing touches of his debut solo album Stronger, produced by Nature's Way Entertainment and which is to be released shortly. 

Nature's Way Entertainment has collaborated with Wayne Wonder on three previous occasions. The songs are Can't Eat Can't Sleep (Real Life riddim); Never Gonna Say Goodbye (Soul Reggae Riddim); and the chart topping single Let Me Love You tonight (sweet personality riddim).
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Ce'Cile Set To Release Her Upcoming Album "Still Running"

Earlier this week, the music industry heard a buzz about dancehall diva Ce'Cile releasing her upcoming album titled, "STILL RUNNING." Known to many as Ce'Cile, this Jamaican diva has consistently been dubbed as the woman most likely to join dancehall's men in the mainstream. Style with grace, intelligence, creativity and flair for controversy are all key components for a diva.

Add a bit of sexiness, along with a large measure of talent and you've just defined the allure of Ce'Cile - dancehall's 'Bad Gyal'. Known for hits "Give It To Me", "Can You Do Di Wuk" feat Sean Paul, "Hot Like We" and "When Your Gone", Ce'Cile is already armed with a plethora of singles and albums released in Japan, Europe and North America.

"STILL RUNNING" is said to be the album, showcasing the versatility of Ce'Cile. The first single, which is titled 'Turn it Up,' was produced by Vinny Venditto, who has worked with Eminem, Rick Ross and 2 Chainz, just to name a few, is currently receiving rave reviews.  

Ce'Cile premiered the single 'Turn it Up' last week Friday on Hot93.7 (WZMX) with radio personality Nikki Z and social media was buzzing with great feedback about the single. "This is a strong single, with the right push I can hear this being played on mainstream radio" says DJ Buck, Hot93.7 program director. 

The upcoming album is set to be released on October 14th 2014. "I have elected to release a new album, which ventures into some new musical genres for me...specifically; pop EDM, R&B, and Hip-Hop and I wanted to share that musical experience with my fans. This musical experience cannot be shared with just one single, but can be appreciated in a body of work contained in one full studio album. 

Of course, there are reggae, dancehall and soca tracks on the album for my existing fan base. This album reflects the 'new Ce'Cile' enjoy the musical experience" says Cecile. In a time where we constantly hear the phrase 'albums are not selling' Ce'Cile has not made that deter her from her innovative and self driven characteristic so many has known her for. The 'Bad Gyal' has always kept the tongues wagging while staying one step ahead of the masses since first breaking into the dancehall scene. 

For Ce'Cile, being a touring artist it has always been a necessity for her to have albums to support her tours therefore "STILL RUNNING" was evident. Yet, the creative direction Ce'Cile chose to take with "STILL RUNNING" you will be amazed. Listeners can hear the depth and substance of Ce'Cile's lyrics and the unique style of rhythms she sings on, yet still maintaining 'Bad Gyal' Ce'Cile. "STILL RUNNING" embodies 16 tracks of the 'real deal' Ce'Cile showcasing her musical experience and versatility.
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Konshens Video "Music" Featured on MTV Iggy

Konshens video 'Music' can now be viewed on as the global brand MTVIggy has just confirmed the feature of this video, which is directed by RD Studios.

The single. 'Music', discuss the power of music and how music have been so influential in the life of Garfield Spence 'AKA' Konshens. Despite the hurt and pain in this messed up world or the dark days and night so many face MUSIC gets him /us through.

One of the most potent part of the song is the question : How can you not support something, which unite so much people and feed so much children?

Click to watch the video on MTV Iggy
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K'Coneil Release New Single 'Gyal A You'

Coming off the release of his recent single 'Gyal A You', K'Coneil is ready to take the Labor Day Weekend by storm. Currently promoting his brand new single 'Gyal a You', K'Coneil and his team is very pleased with the response. "Its a great feeling to see the reaction of my fans and my fellow musicians when they hear 'Gyal A You'.

"So far everyone is loving it, the love is tremendous and I can't begin to thank everyone for the support" says K'Coneil. Returning from Miami, where the 'King of the Dancehall' Beenie Man celebrated his birthday, K'Coneil had the pleasure of performing alongside Beenie Man. As we approach the festive holiday weekend, Labor Day, the city of New York is gearing up for a barrage of events. This weekend of festivities will include some of the Caribbean top artists set for several performances and K'Coneil will be featured on a several events.  

Some of the major events K'Coneil will be featured on are Tarrus Riley on Friday August 29 at Mingles and Beenie Man and Lyrical at Garage Nite Club of Friday August 29. K'Coneil is looking forward to the weekend and feels these two events will give him an opportunity to gain some more exposure.
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Kalado Dazzles at his Debut Overseas Reggae Festival

For the second time since the start of this year, dancehall artiste, Kalado, treated his Canadian fans to a dazzling, unforgettable performance and still managed to leave them wanting more. From Toronto, Ontario to Montreal, Quebec, the artiste, who is undoubtedly the fastest rising dancehall act for 2014, has demonstrated his ever-increasing star power. Not even the rain in Montreal could dampen the mood, as the “Personally” singer upped the ante and delivered a great performance at the annual Montreal International Reggae Festival.

For an artiste making his debut at an overseas festival of this calibre, the critics agree that Kalado was impressive. Actually, Kalado was a last-minute addition to the event, having had his August tour of Europe cancelled, thus freeing him up for other lucrative engagements.

His fans inside the venue must have given thanks for the cancellation of the Europe tour, as they stood in the pelting rain and gleefully sang word-for-word songs such as “Good Good”, “Personally”, “Body Nuh Dead”, “Make Me Feel”, “Sad Streets”, “Pree Money”, “Pay Dem No Mind” and “Take A Ride”.  

As Kalado explained, “The festival organisers had approached my manager a few months ago to book me, but we were already holding the dates for Europe, but as soon as they found out that our tour was cancelled they reached out and booked me and my team made it happen. He continued, “I was very surprised to see how many thousands of people were standing in the rain singing and cheering me on after every song. It was a great opportunity and I really had a great time.” 

Kalado’s management disclosed that overseas requests for the artiste are coming in fast, a testament to the his mounting popularity, which was given an even greater boost after his Dancehall Night performance at Jamaica’s premier reggae festival, Reggae Sumfest. Kalado is now confirmed for a few shows in Costa Rica from August 29-31, then Zimbabwe on September 13, followed by Antigua on October 11. Other US and Caribbean dates in between are pending. In closing, the “Pree Money” artiste said, “Look out for a lot more from Kalado before the end of the 2014… we have a lot of surprises in store.”
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REVIEW: The Gladiators Featuring Droop Lion

Reggae singer, Andrew Brown, aka Droop Lion, could very well be the poster child for that much fabled old soul who is trapped in a youthful body. Listening to him as lead vocalist on the latest Gladiators CD, The Gladiators Featuring Droop Lion – Back On Tracks, it is all too easy to picture him actively partaking in a recording session with the group 50 years ago. It is truly a spine-tingling, goose-bump-raising kind of experience.

Droop Lion’s searing, soulful vocals blend in smoothly and perfectly with the mood and the message of the original tracks, some of which were recorded nearly half a century ago. “Perfection” was in fact the password used by The Gladiators and Droop Lion while working on this project with genius producer and musician, Clive Hunt, along with co and executive producers Cabel Stephenson and Michelle Jovanovich.Gladiators drummer, Anthony Griffiths, stated during the recording sessions that “every beat and note has to be perfect” and this CD has certainly achieved that goal.  

Recorded at Mixing Lab and Cave Studios in Kingston, Jamaica, and released on The Gladiators Featuring Droop Lion – Back On Tracks, represents a skillful blending of the past with the present and this bodes well for the future of reggae music. It is as uncanny as it is mesmerizing to listen to Droop Lion belting out original Gladiators time-honoured roots reggae classics such as Bongo Red, Belly Full, Burning And Looting, Looks Is Deceiving, Hello Carol, and Battle of the Beast, injecting his unique brand of spiritual energy while firmly holding on to tenets of the glorious past. Droop Lion possesses a deep, provocative, timeless quality to his rich vocals which fuses harmoniously with foundation reggae music and makes for total listening pleasure. 

His spirituality and sense of occasion cut through to his very soul, enabling him to sing a song likeBongo Red as if he actually participated in that dynamic “walk on Sixth Street” and lived in an era in which he was not even born. He effortlessly convinces the listener of his authenticity and it would be a misnomer to call any of the songs on this 14-track keepsake collection a “cover version”. Additionally, Droop Lion also shows his own mettle as he takes the Gladiators on a journey by contributing his own original tracks. 

Among them is the starkly hypnotic Ghetto Life, with its haunting refrain that “living aint easy”, even as he extols the virtues of clean, caring ghetto girl named Karen, who “a hold it down slum style”, but “her board floor shine like Rome tile…you want fi see how she take care of her child…It’s ghetto life….” With an all-star cast of players of instruments, including the legendary Sly Dunbar on drums, along with second-generation Gladiator Anthony Griffiths and Wayne “C Sharp” Clarke; Clive Hunt on percussion, keyboards and melodica; Robbie Lyn, Vernon Sutherland and Paul “Wrongmove” Crossdale also on keyboards; Cabel “Jeffrey” Stephenson, Noel “Scully” Simms, Alvin Haughton and Christopher “Sky Juice” Burch on percussion and Jackie Jackson an d Daniel “Axeman” Thompson on bass, it is hardly surprising that The Gladiators Featuring Droop Lion – Back On Tracks , is a keepsake CD that will, like The Gladiators themselves, stand the crucial test of time.
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