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‘Sumfest Was Awesome,’ says an Upbeat Kalado

After making his grand Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night debut at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay, rising deejay Kalado is enjoying a feeling of accomplishment for a job that many critics agree was very well done.

It was a night on which Dancehall royalty brought their ‘A’ game to the stage, and with the stakes very high, Kalado measured up admirably, signalling to the world that his time is now. Receiving top marks in areas such as dress, deportment, style and stage presence, the “Personally” singer was brimming with confidence as he took command of the Sumfest stage and delivered his well-rehearsed set, solidly connecting with fans, including quite a few new converts.  

His set included songs like “Good Good”, “Personally”, “Body Nuh Dead”, “Make Me Feel”, “Sad Streets”, “Pree Money”, “Pay Dem No Mind” and “Take A Ride”, all of which have made significant inroads in the dancehall and have contributed to the spiralling success of this young artiste. “Sumfest was awesome,” a very satisfied Kalado recalled. “I spent several hours visualizing my performance, what I would wear, how I would greet fans and what one could consider the basic things, because I understand just how important it is to get it right. 

Rehearsals went well; management stayed on top of things throughout (as usual) and it’s a heartfelt thank you from Kalado to all the people who helped to make this happen. “Big respect to the band, Summerfest Productions and, of course, the fans. The feedback has been very positive and encouraging,” he stated, adding that he was looking forward to performing on the 23rd staging of Reggae Sumfest 2015. 

No doubt, Kalado’s performance has ensured that fans will follow him to his next shows which include the Montego Bay Jerk Festival, Bikini Sundayz, Dream Live in Negril and in the motherland, Africa, in September. Always one to cater to the needs of his fans, wherever in the world they are stationed, Kalado is giving ample preparation all his upcoming events.
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Vegas And Latty J Rule On New Track

High riding dancehall star Mr. Vegas has released a collab with Latty J, one of the hottest new recruits on the Dancehall Scene, dubbed Who Rule. The track and video, which was released this week is another from Mr. Vegas’ MV Music outfit featuring one of the artistes in his stable. The August Town native has been bubbling up with several hot singles over the past few months.

She recently bussed big shots on the Mint Tea Riddim with Shape & Figure and Irie Vibes on the Protector Riddim. She was also presented and accounted for on Jah Snow Cone’s Nuh Fraid Riddim with a track titled Put Up Unuh Han and before, claimed God A God on another collab with Mr. Vegas. On all tracks Latty J demonstrated dexterity and skill in handling the riddim; peppering it with catchy lyrics in her own gritty feminine style.  

Happy with the latest release Latty J says she is rising to the next level, “Who Rule is a kind of coming of age for me. I have been in the business learning and showing the people my talent and this track is just a culmination of part of my musical Journey.”

Mr. Vegas for his part is happy he and Latty J could have the chemistry for such a conceptually difficult song to pull off, “When Pappa San and Lady G did the same concept it was a smash because they had the chemistry and now in 2014 Latty J and myself have come up with a similar feel but with different metaphors and similes. 

We work well together and she is one of the new artistes who will inherit the future of dancehall”. Who Rule features Mr. Vegas and Latty J in competition as to who wears the pants in the house. It is a humorous take on male to female relationships and brings added fun to the dancehall landscape which is sometimes void of humour and the harmless banter of forgone years.
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Mr. Vegas Steals Spotlight At Reggae Sumfest 2014

After almost ten years of absence, Dancehall Superstar Mr. Vegas returned to the Reggae Sumfest stage with a bang; proving why he is still one of the most sought after dancehall artistes on the international tour circuit. Dressed in a classy retro ensemble, featuring a Lavender jacket, big heel boots and bell foot pants, Vegas was a showman exemplary; demonstrating master control of the stage and exciting exhibition of the dancehall art form.

He dressed the part to go with his performance that had all the elements of our culture; from Gospel and foundation reggae to dancehall and comedy. The Modern veteran also showed the crowd the he is versatile and can write lyrics for any occasion, keeping it entertaining.

Mr. Vegas, who blessed his set in prayer before entering the stage area, belted out his signature I am Blessed hit and had the Sumfest Dancehall Night crowd eating out of his hands as he turned the pages of his repertoire. Collecting huge forwards for the likes of Heads high, Nike air, hands up, and Raffle and Dip, Mr. Vegas says he is humbled by the tremendous welcome and acceptance given to him by the Jamaican Fans.  

The international star brought the Catherine Hall audience to a frenzy when he called on his MV Music artist Latty J, and went into a battle of the sexes with the track Who Rule. Latty J could do no wrong, as she and Mr Vegas gave the audience a brilliant and witty clash. Mr. Vegas is happy with his performance, "I want to big up every artist that performed. It was a great effort on our part to entertain the audience. Some people are saying Vegas took the show and I am grateful and humbled for being mentioned. 

However, my priority is not about taking the show, my main objective is to give the people a great performance, so big up all the artists that performed on Sumfest 2014”. Mr. Vegas got a stamp of approval from Beenie Man and most people at the end of the night. As a Special surprise to the Sumfest Fans the artiste was also brought onstage on Reggae Sumfest International Night 1 by R & B Superstar Jason Derulo for their reggae remix of Jason Derulo’s mega hit Talk Dirty To me. 

Now basking in the renewed respect gained from this massive performance, Mr. Vegas is confident in the way forward and feels vindicated for sticking to his principles: “My fans can expect only positive vibes from me moving forward. The focus is now on Latty J, Team Hustle and my own career especially my reggae album Euphoria scheduled for September release. We will be doing an album launch in Jamaica as a tribute to the fans who have supported me over the last 17 years.
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Somber Ending to Konshens European Tour

International dancehall/reggae star Konshens was forced to cancel the remainder of his current European tour as doctors have diagnosed the young star with having 'chronic laryngitis'.

Konshens have been touring non-stop for the past year, stemming from a US tour which ended in Connecticut before embarking on a 3 week run in France and the African south appearing in Mauritius island, Mayotte and Reunion island, where he further went on to join his band in Europe to kick off his official European tour at the Musa Festival in Portugal.

The effects of a rigorous regiment of continued back to back performances took a toll on his voice after delivering a stellar performance at the Summer Jam Festival in front of thousands of fans in the rain.

The artist was forced to see a specialist in Vienna Austria who diagnosed him with 'chronic laryngitis'. The doctors in Vienna prescribed a list of medication and most importantly two (2) weeks of serious rest.

However, after canceling just one show on the tour, the music lover was back on stage, performing at several other shows before his voice finally gave in while onstage in Zurich where the artist not only lost his voice but could also hear nothing through his left ear, and was forced to visit a second specialist in Frankfurt Germany where he was advised that if he continued then his condition could grow to become more damaging to his voice and hearing with the possibility of becoming permanently impaired. 

Konshens and his management team had no choice but to reluctantly cancel the remainder of the tour, the disappointed superstar stated that "I've never had a reputation of canceling shows and I always want to keep it that way but it's clear this could not be avoided. I really want to apologize to my fans in cities cancelled and I can assure you these cities are top priorities for next year... Gonna try this rest concept for once in life, I'm sure I'll bounce back". 

Long time friend and manager for Konshens, Miguel 'kitten' Noble stated ' this is an unfortunate situation especially for the fans but we must take into consideration the safety of the artist and the importance of his voice,very unfortunate situation but at this point we must do what is necessary to regain his vocals and take the necessary steps to prevent this from re-occuring'. 

Konshens, though very disappointed, went on to express gratitude and appreciation not only for his fans but also his supporting cast on tour, and also an apology to the promoters of the cancelled shows,"the People have been really enjoying the shows simply because they really love the songs and are true fans and we also act and interact with them and try to not focus on my voice challenges, the support from DBlueprint, Javada and Mark Hize has been the reason we even made it this far, added with our amazing tour manager KUBA but musically it was hell and I felt like I was robbing people at the shows.... Really not worth it to think I could possibly lose my voice permanently too. 

My apologies also to the promoters who's shows had to be cancelled, my team will work non stop to ensure that we find some sort of agreement in dealing with this situation. Thanks again to all the fans, my team and BUXNA BOOKING AGENCY for partnering with us to put on a great tour". Konshens sophomore worldwide solo album titled 'The Hotel Room' is set for a September release; an album much anticipated by his fans. His single 'Don Daddy' on the Shane Brown produced 'Greatest Creation' riddim have been doing well on the airwaves, vastly picking growing in popularity locally and internationally. 

Konshens is set to return to Jamaica within the next week, where in will begin is recuperation process. His sophomore solo album titled 'The Hotel Room' schedule to release this summer, will give fans and music lovers across the world the opportunity to hear his growth, his creativity and his passion for music and his fans. The release of the new 'Konshens App' is also set for this summer; he mentioned that fans will love this new app as the primary concept behind its design is 'ease of access', he stated that 'the best apps I use are the ones that are user friendly and easy to navigate through, this is why we focused on ease of access, this will make the app less complicated and fun for fans to use'.
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Shaggy Gives Stellar Performance at Hollywood Bowl

Billed on a star studded line up with Don Carlos and legend Jimmy Cliff, dancehall/reggae superstar Shaggy, was set to give the large crowd in attendance, at the world renown Hollywood Bowl, a performance unlike any other.

Dressed in black shorts and white shirt, Shaggy came on stage after the roots reggae artist Don Carlos and immediately the patrons began to cheer and scream. Shaggy provided his signature upbeat, uptempo entertainment style of performance, which his fans are all so familiar with and have grown to love.

He immediately began to perform his hits 'Long Time; and 'Bonafide Girl', which both had the crowd singing and rocking. As the night progressed the crowd began to get louder and louder as Shaggy 'turned up his performance a notch' with his segment of crowd participation. It was clear to the audience that Shaggy was not here to just perform but he was also ready to entertain them.  

He would get the biggest crowd response with his hits like 'Mr. Boombastic and 'Oh Carolina', which were clearly two of the crowd favorites. "You were amazing in Hollywood last night, you are not just a singer, you are an entertainer" one fan posted on Shaggy's facebook fan page. Shaggy, who has been touring substantially this year while working on his upcoming album, has only took two to three weeks off in between tours. 

Now back on his Out of Many One Music Tour Shaggy will hit Hawaii, Germany, France, UK and Slovakia just to name a few countries. The Grammy Award winner is definitely use to the hectic schedule and will be on tour for the next six weeks. If you think there is any slowing down for Shaggy, take another guess. Shaggy is clearly in demand and ready to please the millions of fans he will see in the upcoming weeks.
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Jah Vinci Set to Release Debut Album "Ghetto Born"

The soulful, heartfelt dancehall/reggae artist Jah Vinci is set to launch his debut album "Ghetto Born". Produced by the acclaimed peoducer Khabir Bonner of Grillaras Productions, known for his recent projects, Lutan Fyah "life of a King" and the Beenie Man single, which debuted on BET in the United States featuring Cecile - "Thug Love".

It is evident that "Ghetto Born" has a firm foundation set. "Ghetto Born" takes listeners through the struggles and subculture of the inner city life. It focuses on the hardships "ghetto youths" face such as crime, violence, and poverty. Yet, despite those hardships a star is born to break those barriers and rise to success.

Jah Vinci has always demanded the attention of the music industry with his clear vocals and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with his fans, boosting his career worldwide with hits such as 'Wipe Those Tears," "All I Need, "Mama Love" and "Watch You Friends" since he came on the scene back in 08.

"Ghetto Born" boasts 13 tracks with songs such as "Don of all Dons" featuring Beenie Man, "Unsolved Mystery" featuring Junior Reid, "We Taking Over," "We Nuh Trust Dem," "Rude Boys & Police and more which will captivate listeners with the instrumental support and rhythmic riddims supporting the strong lyrical content Jah Vinci lays down. 

The title track "Ghetto Born" starts with Jah Vinci pleading for the youths of the ghetto and the daily struggles they face of hunger, crime and homelessness. Accompanied by an acoustic rhythmic tone Jah Vinci's gritty vocals tug at the heart of the listeners and transcends throughout the album. Jah Vinci also showcases his diversity of dj-ing and lyrical talent on his track titled "Don of All Dons', which features Dancehall King Beenie Man. 

"Dons of All Dons" feat. Beenie Man is an up-tempo track, which exemplifies the title so many leaders of the ghetto earn, "Don" and becomes a part of the lifestyle of the ghetto. "Dancehall King" Beenie Man is not the only icon to make an appearance on this album, Junior Reid also makes an appearance with Jah Vinci on track titled "Penitentiary", which is sure to burn up the charts. Adding to the foundation for this debut album are Tariq "Nashi" Smith & Xavier "Bless X" Prendergast for KAMAUMUSIC along with Zojak World Wide as co label/distributor.
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L3 Magazine Brings Heat with Dancehall Diva Tifa

The longlost | marie-claire | Music Charts | Beauty | Fashion and More!

The #1 Caribbean-Urban publication, L3 Magazine, has launched their July issue which packs summer heat thanks to the sexiness of Dancehall Diva Tifa, the Arizona based group the lovelost, and a proud Dominican named marie-claire!

Interviewed at a hideaway location in Jamaica, we caught the Diva Tifa just before her promotional tour for her new album, and before her signing to her new label Island Kings Records, and asked her how she’s gotten through the rough part of 2014 which included the hacking of her Twitter account.

The lovelost has successfully combined Jazz, Salsa, World, Rock n Roll and more to come up with their own unique sound which is easily identifiable. Senior Writer Song River sits down with the group who explains how growing up in Mexico City exposed them to most genres of music which too influenced their sound. They discuss the emotional ride of performing with a band, and now being a duo.

They also share the ins and outs of being in a partnership as well as being a duo. Dominica’s marie-claire is living her dream life on centre stage thanks to her passion for Jazz, and her production company called girlfullofgold. Because of these two anchors, maroe has performed at Jamaica Jazz and Blues (Jamaica), Jazz on the Green (St. Vincent), and Love is All We Need (Antigua). There is more to marie-claire than just Jazz, and it’s a combination of all things that make her a fascinating topic for Ayeola George’s interview! 

Travel Editor Stacia Von Castle travels to Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie’s birth place, and brings exclusive photos of his home, his garments, and an understanding of why his presence on earth was so significant, and is still significant today. Rohan Beckford covered the 2014 New York International Car show and shares his top pics of vehicles which will enhance the way we drive this year and next. 

If you like HOTTT cars, you will definitely want to see this! In addition to main interviews, music and video charts, beauty tips from Beauty Editor Kay Cunningham, Fashion, Model of the Month from Jerome Dupont, music reviews and more can be found in the July, 2014 issue of L3 Magazine >>>
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