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Chronixx Allegedly Gets A Beat Down in Paris France

At a reggae concert in Paris France at the La Cigale venue this past Sunday the 6th, the performers (Barrington Levy, Chronixx, Kelissa, Dre Island and French Roses Band) and their immediate parties were all asked to wear identifying armbands in order to have access to the stage and back stage areas.

But according to an eyewitness, Chronixx and his party refuse to wear the armbands and proceeded to rough up the security guards.

After his performance was over and unbeknownst to him, a group of guards with high powered weapons and baseball bats were waiting in the wings for them. 

 It was reported that the beating that Chronixx and his posse suffered was horrendous, they ran for their lives and sought refuge in a chateau. The occupants of the chateau hid them and had to call for the French Authorities in order to save them. 

The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to PLATINUM CAMP – ONE DUCHESS ENT DID NOT WRITE THIS
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Soca Star Fay Ann Lyons Signs to VP Records‏

VP Records is happy to announce that Trinidadian soca vocalist and songwriter Fay Ann Lyons has signed to the Caribbean music record label for a multi-album record, publishing and merchandise deal. "We are thrilled for Fay Ann to join our artist roster.

She has a spark on stage that is innate and can't be duplicated. The multi-talented artist has already made history as one of soca's brightest stars and we are looking forward to spreading the movement worldwide," states VP Records CEO Chris Chin. Fay Ann adds to the excitement, expressing that she is "glad to be part of the team and let's get to work!"  

Fay Ann Lyons is already a superstar in her native country and across the Caribbean. During Trinidad & Tobago's Carnival season's annual competitions, Fay Ann has set the record as the only female artist to score the Carnival Road March title three times, taking the crown in 2003, 2008 and 2009. In 2009, she also won International Soca Monarch in Groovy, People's Choice and Power category and is the first soca artist ever to win that soca 'triplet' of titles. 

In addition to these feats, she has taken home 17 awards between the COTT (Copyright Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago), NACC (National Action Cultural Committee Trinidad and Tobago) and SAO (Soca Awards Organization). The Point Fortin, Trinidad native has soca in her DNA. Her father Superblue, a soca legend who has won the Carnival Road March title nine times and Trinidad Soca Monarch competition seven times, was instrumental in honing Fay Ann's skills as a songwriter and performer. 

She became a front-liner for the band Invazion led by Naya George and today is an official member of the Asylum band (previously known as "Censation"), founded by her husband and soca royalty Bunji Garlin. In 2014, Fay Ann continues to tour worldwide and will begin recording her first solo full-length album on VP Records.
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Pamputtae Team Up With Donsome Records

The hardcore and explicit material previously recorded by dancehall deejay Pamputtae may be a thing of the past. The artiste shows her diversity and maturity on her latest single Nuh Problem which was produced by Donsome Records.

In a media release, Pamputtae explained that the new direction was needed to showcase her musical diversity. 'Yes it's a new direction for me as an artiste.

Nuh Problem is a song which highlights what you can do with ease. Some girls believe that because you are fat you are not flexible, but I can do anything because mi nuh have nuh problem', said Pamputtae.  

 Born in Fletchers Land, Kingston, Pamputtae began her musical journey when she did an intro for dancehall selector Tony Matterhorn. Since then there has been no looking back. The 28 years old whose real name is Eveana Henry, is known for her numerous slangs, confidence, and imitable style. 

'The musical journey for me has been rough and tough sometimes but I understand that it's a man's world and you have to pay to live in it', she shared. Nuh Problem will be released digitally on April 15. It was written and produced by Adrian 'Donsome' Hanson. Pamputtae is known for hits such as It Good, Ride It, Talk Di Tings and Slim Gal vs Fluffy Gal featuring Spice.
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A Close Win For Little Thunder Sound As Killamanjaro Takes Home The Title

People from all parts of Canada travelled to Montreal last night to take in one of the biggest soundclashes in Montreal and Canadian history. No Mercy Soundclash featured Montreal’s Don Ignorance and Scroogie from Little Thunder Sound and Jamaica’s Killamanjaro’s, Mophead and newest member of the sound; Problem Sean. E.B Club Lounge was sold out, with over 600 people in the place to see who was going to walk out with the title.

Little Thunder brought their energy to the stage, winning the crowd in 3 rounds against Killamanjaro. Though Killamanjaro played some great “chunes”, it was clear to see that Problem Sean and Mophead had never clashed together as a team before.

As the crowd cried for more, the 2 sounds went head to head for a round of “Chune fi Chune” where Killamanjaro took the win 6 to 3. Even though Little Thunder Sound didn’t take the win, the sound walked out with confidence and pride as they stood up strong for Montreal city and for Canada. Expect to see Little Thunder Sound in more clashes coming forward amongst playing in a city close by, with another Jamaica tour planned for the summer.
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Richy Rych Tours the US with Everton Blender and Yard Squad Band!‏

Ready for the road, Dancehall and Reggae entertainer Richy Rych joins the legend Everton Blender on his US tour that begins in Louisville, Kentucky, and continues to its conclusion April 20th, 2014 in Austin Texas for the Austin Reggae Festival.

Considered as one of the forefront artists in the crossover market between Reggae / Dancehall and Hip Hop, Richy has steadily been gaining fans who are eager for more of what the artist has to offer.

In particular, his song “Summertime,” produced by DJ Sky for Sky Records based in Manchester, Jamaica, and has been gaining a lot of traction with fans in the mid-west who can’t wait for the warm rays of sunshine.

About the song, Richy says “the song is from my album ‘Jamaica Mih Come From,’ and really is about friends getting together to party and have a good time … so let’s have fun!”  

Richy’s album will be available on iTunes and all leading digital retail outlets in May, 2014, and adds notable stage appearances with Tanya Stephens and Serani (to name a few), as a part of his resume, and is known for his radio friendly music. His addition of creativity makes him the go-to person when the genres Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop and Pop meet. Ever one for Marketing, Richy Rych travels in his wrapped van making him a visual target for fans as soon as they arrive on site for one of his performances. 

As the introductory act for Everton Blender, Richy adds musical diversity for fans who enjoy both Reggae, Dancehall and a splash of Hip Hop. Richy is a proud born and raised Kingstonian who migrated to the US on an athletic scholarship, and and has 2 studio albums recorded to date. He is currently backed by Yard Squad Band and is based in St. Louis, Missouri.
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