Friday, February 28, 2014

Dancehall Male Artists Defy Stereotypes

B3 Caribbean Magazine releases it's first-ever Daddy issue with cover story featuring 3 well-known dancehall DJs; Konshens, Agent Sasco and Wayne Marshall.

Titled 'Dads on Duty', the story focuses on their roles as responsible fathers in an arena often viewed as accepting of absentee and 'deadbeat' fathers.

The 'hardline' entertainers shed light on what it means to them to be fathers, as they collectively encourage Jamaican fathers to step up to the plate to parent their own children.

Editor-in-Chief Michelle Gordon started b3 Magazine under the personal mandate to re-define Caribbean parenting with style, class and unquestionable beauty.  

Along with her dedicated team, Michelle's vision for the first issue of 2014, was 1; to celebrate the role that fathers play in the lives of their children, and 2; to create a platform that would challenge the stereotype and stigma associated with men in the entertainment industry; in particular the dancehall. A few bad apples may try to spoil the bunch, but men like Wayne Marshall, Agent Sasco and Konshens prove to be the exception to that rule. 

Konshens stated "It felt good when they asked, I always feel like an ambassador for young responsible fathers, so I welcome any opportunity to represent us. Plus I love showing off my princess lol". When asked if he makes a conscious effort to defy the stereotypes made on 'black male', West Indian Men' 'Dancehall' Konshens said. "I don't make a conscious effort to defy the stereotype, it's just not in my nature to not take care of my offspring and I don't see how men do it. Then I've never wanted many children like men in the old days so again it's not in my nature". 

For Agent Sasco he was also happy to be considered for the feature in the B3 magazine because he takes his role as a father very seriously. "I balance being a father and work by managing my time as best as I can. I think it is also important to make the separation as much as possible between "the artiste" and the person...Agent Sasco vs Jeffrey Campbell says Agent Sasco. 

The 12-page spread shows the men with their respective children, and features images by b3's Director of Photography Dwayne Watkins. The cover layout by Art Director Dwayne Jureidini, is an intense juxtaposition of a militant dancehall persona and a doting father - it's a modern-day Men in Black meets Daddy Day Care! Also featured in the issue are other father-focused stories including b3 Islan'dad businessman Adam Stewart, designer Carlton Brown and music producer Jon Baker, among others. 

b3, abbreviated for Bump, Baby & Beyond, highlights topics for new, expectant and 'seasoned' parents of children up to pre-teen years. b3 is the Caribbean's first parenting lifestyle publication and contains features relevant to the Caribbean family and beyond. The Magazine is available in print at leading newsstands island-wide, and also digitally - subscribing online is free via www.b3caribbeanmagazine.com.
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